Ateek Sheikh

Small Business Owner, Consultant, and Director in Gujranwala, Pakistan

Hello! its me.

First i should introduce myself but it is very difficult for me because sometimes we know about ourselves too much that we don’t know where to start and where it should be ended. Any how i am giving it a try.

I am Ateek, a pro Pakistani, a Stupid common Man & an optimistically realistic person from Land of Pure, who says;

If you are not good by nature then be it, don’t pretend to be good. :)

I am a cricket, tennis enthusiast and can solve Rubik’s cube.
One last & most important thing i would like to share that PEACE lies in Islam and;

“I believe in Islam like i believe in sunrising, not just because i can see it, but because with it I can see everything.”

  • Work
    • Markhor Studio
  • Education
    • Certified CSDC