André Teodoro

Mafra, Lisboa, Portugal

Born and raised in Portugal West Coast, in the beatiful town of Mafra, is passion about technology started at a very young age with video games.

By the age of 16 decided that wanted to get an Associate degree in IT Management, mostly because of Computer maintenance, but in the end falled in love for Software development, and never lost that knowledge go.

But like it wasn't enough, he decided to get a degree in IT Management during the night and working during the day, because get a degree wasn't dificult enough. At last it's moving between Universities in order finish the degree but at the same time, get a double degree in IT Management and in Information, Web and Multimedia Systems.

  • Work
    • Sta Autotécnica Oestcar
  • Education
    • Universidade Europeia
    • Instituto Superior Politécnico do Oeste
    • ESCO