Atex Medical

ATEX is a leading manufacturer of Sports & Medical tapes in Korea. They offer Sports Tape, Health Food, Quasi-Drugs, Waterproof case, Dental Care and many more. Their highly skilled expert design top quality atex tape and sports tape for a long term and reliable operation. Visit their website to know more about their products.

ATEX MEDICAL Inc. a leading manufacturer of Sports & Medical tapes in Korea within short period time since the company was established in 2000.Starting with sports tapes. The company’s efforts have reached various area including and distributing quasi-drugs, health functional food and vitamins.
The company has become more closely engaged with the consumers by applying characters under license, such as “Hello Kitty” , “Thomas and friends” , “Bbyorong Bbyorong Bbororo” and “Walt Disney” to its products, and the waterproof packs branded “Hello kitty” and “Walt Disney” are the examples of its expansion in 2011. The company is currently exporting these products to 21 different countries including USA, Japan, China and Germany as a result of differentiated marketing.

Location: Galhyun 2Dong, Eunpyeong-Gu, Seoul, Korea 122959
Contact No: +82 2 357 6183