Atgom Art Gallery

JP Nagar, Bangalore

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Atgom Art Gallery offers free online gallery with unlimited uploads of art works. Artists can display their art works with their contact details removing all the obstacles to reach the global buyers.

We also offer our gallery space in Bangalore for our artist to display at free of cost.

Gone is the age where art collection or a career in art was a very lucrative option, as time has come when art is definitely an affordable investment.

Atgom Art Gallery brings to you an online gallery, which features original artwork for art enthusiasts or connoisseurs all around the world. It is the surfer’s choice as to whether they want to exhibit their work or browse and opt to contact artists from an extensive range of contemporary art as well as ethnic art fresh from the artisans themselves.

Artists can be followed, recommended, liked, contacted through phone or email. We also provide a webpage for every artist with their gallery and upcoming events.

If buyers cannot find the right artist, they can post their art requirement. All the right artists will be messaged to reach the buyers as well. Artists can upload unlimited art works.

We want to offer a platform to bring together artists and art buyers wherever they are and promote upcoming artists in order for them to establish their market. We also bring here the experienced professional artists for the upcoming artists to connect and learn from.

It gets even better because the artists can overcome the conventional display of traditional galleries and the costs associated with it apart from being a faster and an easier way out. This way an art collector can also establish a connection with the artists and stay in touch with them.

We will help artists create their online portfolio wherein they can display their artwork of any genre and this will be displayed to potential buyers without any intermediate players. The artworks are updated on a regular basis so that there is fresh art for viewers. Therefore, whether you are looking out to buy that perfect piece for the drawing room or sell one of your exquisite artworks, you are at the right place because Atgom Art Gallery is the site to visit.