Athais DuBaie


If you have come to this page, you obviously want to know a little more about me, so I will oblige you.

I was raised on a farm in Western Pennsylvania, the middle child of seven children. I don't put great stock in birth-order, but being a middle child of seven has its advantages and disadvantages. So I learned at a young age on how to avoid the disadvantages and coup the advantages.

I am an RN and hold a Master's degree in Nursing Education. I, also, hold a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Sciences. I love history, especially about the American Civil War, Revolutionary War, and WWII.

I, also, love to explore religion, philosophy, and science. I consider myself a spiritual person, but I do not hold to conventional religion, although I do respect them. I am Wiccan and have been for much of my life. I remember my grandmother taking me out and showing me the various herbs and explaining what they were good for. She, also, taught me much about the different seasons and planting.

I do not belong to a coven at this time. I am a solitary practitioner, for the most part, but have belonged to covens in the past. I am strongly opinionated, although I will change my views if evidence for that change is presented. Otherwise, I respectfully agree to disagree with those who hold other opinions.

I am gluten-free, having realized that I have a gluten allergy. I have reduced my medications from 12 to 3 since going gluten-free. That is enough evidence for me to be convinced that gluten and I were going to have a strained relationship.

I am currently working toward losing more weight (I have already lost 120 pounds, as my highest weight was 294) and getting healthier. I was working a weightlifting program until recently, when I opted to have a rotator cuff tear repaired. Hopefully, I will recover well and regain 100% of my range of motion and strength. I have a goal of going back to weightlifting.

My other goal for 2013 is to become a locavore and make 80% of my diet organic. This was supposed to be my goal for 2012, but it fell through. I have joined a local communty shared agriculture (CSA) group that grows organic food and I am really looking forward to eating that food come next June.

The year 2013 my be my most exciting year yet! I am really looking forward to moving ahead with my plans to become healthy.