lightpainter in Principado de Asturias, España

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My name is Alfredo Álvarez, but friends call me Frodo. I'm from Oviedo (Asturias, Spain). I've studied maths and I worked as a programmer for nearly 10 years. Now I live as a lightpainter. My main hobbies are travelling, friends, light painting, music, photography, partying, lightpainting.....

Talking about music, I'm into hardcore, metal, punk and hiphop underground scenes since long ago, although I'm quite openminded and I can enjoy many other music styles. I owned an underground label calledTHREEPOINT RECORDSwith some friends.

Now I'm really intoLIGHT PAINTING. I like everything about it. To learn, to be creative, to experiment, to be patient and perfectionist, to create my own DIY tools, to buy new light toys, to explore abandoned factories, houses.. really great locations!, to compose, to draw with the tools, to take the picture, the results, to go alone at night, to go with my friends, to know new lightpainters worldwide... I'm a light junkie.

We have created a Light Painting collective called CHILDREN OF DARKLIGHT, and we hope you can see our photos for many years... Take Care!