Athanasios Belitsas

Money isn`t everything . A Man with 20 Million can be as happy as a Man with 21 Million (J. Gleason) .

Wer nicht mit dem zufrieden ist, was er hat, der wäre auch nicht mit dem zufrieden, was er haben möchte. (Berthold Auerbach, dt. Schriftsteller, 1812-1882

Now that I have some time lets see what I can put together.Entrepreneur , Investor and Venturer . Current fields include , Biotech in Europe , Real Estate Investments in Middle East and Investments in Oilfields in Nigeria . Extremely motivated and open minded .I love People that can offer something ( whatever that is) that can result in a fruitful relation .I believe in life and all that comes with it .Passion is my middle Name .I am excited about Internet startups and therefore always looking into new interesting projects that are in need of finance . Email me if you don`t only look for finance but for an active Investor !!