Athasya Kandhiya

Jakarta Indonesia.

Oh, hi! This is my own personal page which talks all about me! (this is, tho.)

I'm Athasya Kandhiya, but people usually called me Acha. I was born in Jakarta, 12th of November 1996. Now i'm studying at SMAN 34 Jakarta as a second grader who takes a science program.

I've been including dancing, acting and singing in my daily routine since i was a little. For me, to perform in a stage is such an amazing thing, ever. I love dancing. I love acting. I love singing. I love exercising. or in a simple way to say is:

i love performing art. :)

oh, and actually my 'future goal' is not to be an art performer only. But wait..

I think being an architect who has a part-time job as a dancer-and- a singer-and- an actress seems like a brilliant idea!

how? :P

  • Work
    • Jakarta Movement of Inspiration 2014
  • Education
    • SMAN 34 Jakarta (2012-present)