maya (✪▽✪)

gay in Costa Rica

maya (✪▽✪)

gay in Costa Rica

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my name is maya ( • ̀ω•́ )ᕤ✧ im your friendly neighborhood 14 y/o voice actor!

let's see! ummm...about myself ! yeah!

im american born, mentally ill (ask if u want to know), autistic, physically ill, not very able-bodied, gender questioning! (i think!), pretty fucking gay dunno my sexuality tho...but im attracted to all genders, buddhist and an immigrant (to costa rica), an abuse survivor and a sexual assault survivor

i dont have any specific pronouns...i dont mind if u use she/her as long as u remsmber im not cis although i kinda prefer they/them more. he/him is ok too

i do have a dont follow if list so..!

☆ dont follow if u dont follow the basic byf criteria (ur transphobic, homophobic, racist, sexist, etc)

☆ ur kin w my friends or i

☆ u hate my special interests or think u love them more than me (u can still talk to me ofc if u like the series! sorry it's just uh...i love....these sm they're v important to me) which include: pokemon, ace attorney, the world ends with you, ghost trick, xxxHOLiC, ghost stories (eng dub) (LOL I KNOW IT'S DUMB) makoto shinkai films (esp kimi no na wa) the girl who leapt through time, wolf children

☆ you post trans headcanons or sexuality headcanons without tagging them. (it upsets me for some reason probably because of my autism n stuff)

☆ you're toxic

☆ you think rape is OK or ship incest or pedophelia

☆ your name is johnny/skylar

☆ you support trump in any way

i have what some would call "ids" but i dont really like saying that?? aa so these are just...characters i relate to and tag as but pls dont follow if u think ur them (depending on the situation i may let u follow, just not if ur kin with my major "mes"

maya fey (ace attorney)

athena cykes (ace attorney)

edea lee (bravely default)

eevee (pmd:eos)

takane "ene" enomoto (kagerou project/mekakucity actors)

gumi megpoid (vocaloid)

i can't think of any more currently but i'll be updating this frequently so??

also i tag as LOTS of characters and usually those i voice act as and relate to so.....if ur uncomfy w that im sorry.

ALSO....!!!!!!! my friends have ids too! these are literally them! dont follow if ur them ty!


kinomoto sakura (card captor sakura)

yamaguchi tadashi (haikyuu!!)


edward elric (fullmetal alchemist)

ringabel (bravely default)

sora (kingdom hearts)


xion (kingdom hearts)

ema skye (ace attorney)


rise kujikawa (persona 4)

camilla (fire emblem fates)

yuna (final fantasy x)


ominas crowd (bravely default)


li syaoran (tsubasa)

kenma kozume (haikyuu!!)

that's it for