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Athena Lam

Since I'm searchable on LinkedIn, I'll put up the stuff my CV doesn't illustrate.

Even though I have a variety of interests, they are manifestations of an interest in marginalization and social equity.

I like simple things done well. Please teach me a skill that requires few things, and more quality, care and precision. My examples would be tomato basil pasta and hand-made bread from the 4 basic ingredients.

Aesthetics matter, and to me they are as much a physical manifestationas a representation of a state, and of oneself.

And I'll stop being abstract now. :-)

I started off with TEDxYouth @ Hong Kong and was one of the founding organizers. Since 2010, I've been the speakers coordinator, and am still actively trying to find a replacement and to engage more youth around the city to join the core team in a professional setting.

I've somehow ended up doing a lot of grassroots organizing, conferences, and events. Mostly it's because I like researching people and industries I know very little about, and bringing disparate groups together depending on the relevant topics - age, ethnicity, nationality, culture profession, socio-economic status.

I'm passionate about international development, which is what I've been studying this past year. My specialty in the field is population studies.