Athena Moberg

Author, Speaker, and Lover of People in Lahaina, Hawaii

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Athena Moberg is an author, speaker, survivor, Certified Professional Coach and Certified Family Trauma Practitioner working in the field of Trauma Recovery and Advocacy.

As a proud member of The International Association of Trauma Professionals she believes the most effective practitioners are often trauma survivors themselves.

With a staff of dedicated volunteers, Athena reaches thousands of survivors weekly in over 180 countries through her YouTube and Roku TV channel.

Her private clients are adults who grew up with one or more pathologically abusive caregivers; brave men and women ready to finally experience the peaceful life they've always wanted, yet find themselves stuck repeating old patterns. As a general rule, Athena only takes on clients who have already experienced tremendous healing through years of psychotherapy, EMDR, EFT and various therapeutic or expressive modalities.

Athena's small private practice focuses solely on learning and doing what it takes to establish healthy boundaries, restructuring faulty core beliefs, grieving lost or weak connections, changing any daily habits getting in the way of optimum living, maintaining 'no-contact' with toxic individuals and most importantly - cultivating safe interpersonal relationships inside and outside the family unit.

She helps her private clients find hope and peace as they grieve the healthy-connected childhood they never had while learning to rise up and thrive both inside and outside their families of origin.

Having successfully (on most days) overcome her own childhood trauma using a five pronged approach, she inspires her clients into a deeper level of faith while encouraging them to love and accept themselves just as they are.

Trained through Mental Health America, Athena's work reaches beyond videos and social media. She partners with her local Suicide Prevention Task Force and is A.S.I.S.T. trained through The Suicide Prevention Resource Center.

Athena resides in Maui, Hawaii with her wonderful husband of six years. Her son is a Marine Corps Veteran studying Neuroscience with the goal of becoming a Forensic Pathologist. Her daughter-in-law, is a Second Lieutenant in the Army while attending Veterinary School.

With 3 published books, Athena speaks publicly every week and firmly believes compassion is a priceless gift we can all give.