Rebecca Podniesinski

I am a Mother, Artist, Insect, plant, and soil Loving, Hopefully someday writer, Nerd/Geek My Work fulltime is for a soil company. Nights after my son goes to bed I follow my passion for art through my Winged Art shop (Athenianaire on Etsy). I relax and spread Butterflies into creative displays, create winged art, and jewelry from specimens that come in from conservation farms damaged. I believe in giving, I donate my work to silent auctions as often as I can and donate to several charities annually with money generated from my shop. I also reinvest in the shop with new ideas leaving me with a financial balance just about the red zone & a fullfilled heart and soul. My hopes are to someday be able to work for myself fulltime but I will not sacrifice my philosophy for that (giving and giving everyone access to inspiration by keeping my work affordable) You can read more about my butterfly work on my Etsy shop profile (Athenianaire) As for my Son, he is by far the coolest thing I have ever experienced. He is a ball of energy that enjoys learning through exploration, I could not have imagined a soul so cool. I hope to raise him with a stong sense of self and a kind heart. I am blessed with a great husband too that encourages me to follow my dreams.

Spiritually I believe if you refuse one God you refuse them all.