Athina Meryl Keziah


My uniqueness begins with my name, Athina Meryl Keziah. I take pride in being different - My temperaments, priorities and goals. My ultimate dream is to backpack through Europe and my spirit of wanderlust has made me develop an untapped interest in travel journalism. I love trekking and adventure sports and I want to go Sky Diving. I love long walks. Beaches fascinate me. Heights thrill me. Food excites me. Watching the rains relaxes me. Animals calm me. Friends make me feel loved. Family makes me feel secure. And I believe in spirituality.

Professionally, I want to work with my own event management company customizing events exclusively for kids. I love handling kids, and for years together I've been doing storytelling projects, birthday parties, educational activities, and theme based events for kids. I have a degree in B.Sc. Visual Communication from Womens Christian College, Chennai. My academic interests include Script writing, Story writing, Creative writing, Short film direction, Photography and Graphic design.

I've worked on a couple of Internships in the field of advertising, PR and Event Management. My most interesting achievement is holding the post of Liaison Officer for The Indian Women's Basketball team during the Asian Basketball Tournament held in Chennai. All of this made me lean towards working in the Events and PR field and eventually led me to a Masters Diploma in Event Management and Digital Marketing at Team i – School of New, Bangalore.

  • Education
    • B.Sc.Visual Communication
    • Masters Diploma in Event Management - Pro
    • Masters Diploma in Digital Marketing - Exec