A Thing of Beauty

A Thing Of Beautyis an online store that offers stylish affordable second hand clothes. Gaëna da Sylva, fine art photographer and film maker, is the founder of this store, where she wants to gather the pleasure of

As an artist and creative soul, I have always loved to dress in a playful manner. I remember when I was a little girl, how I entered my Mother's wardrobe as if it was a fairy castle. She owned a wine red satin night gown and slippers with little feathers in the same shade. I would put those on, being way too big and walk around like a queen. She also had a trunk where she would keep old clothes from her youth. There were fur collars and shawls and so many treasures. I would put some on and then we would watch wonderful musicals and old avant-garde films together, and I was dreaming of stories, inventing places and worlds. She let me express all those dream worlds I had deep inside and it is a way, alongside photography, that I go through life's less easy moments.

Decorating our body with clothes that make us feel dear, lovable, hugged in the arms of beauty is a richness and a precious liberty we have. Let's enjoy and fill our inner poetry with spirit, reusing to recreate the clothes that once were loved. And... Be good to our Earth.


Gaëna ✿⊱╮

Founded by Gaëna da Sylva