Jessica Emerson

I'm just a happy girl, living in this beautiful world. (: My names Jessica, like you didn't already know. (: I came into this world on June 16, 7th graade, at Texas Middle at the moment, Mascot for the 2011-2012 school year. I have a big heart, I'm a sucker for puppy dog eyes. I hope I'm there for my friends through everything, I try to live my life to the fullest, and learn from my mistakes. If you make a mistake twice, then obviously you didn't learn from it. Single, at the moment, and glad I am. Lady Tiger, Volleyball, Basketball, & Track. (: I LOVE PERFUME, any type, as long as it smells good. I can shop for hours, give me a credit card and I'll take it on a journey. No, i still haven't found that person to call my bestfriend, but I have tons of close friends that I could never give up. <3 I'm that typical girl that loves texting, twilight, Justin Bieber, Toms & sperry's, Hollister, Abiercrombie & Fitch, short shorts, NIKE shorts, 5gum, summer, swimsuits, everything. I talk a lot, especially laugh alot. I'm an over giggler, I giggle after everything I say, It might be annoying, but some people think it's cute. (: I hate people who bring up someones flaws, or get mad over little things, your not perfect, so why be that way with everyone else. I love mintons sportsplex, I go there after-school to play basketball, or in the summer to swimn tan, & workout with my girls(bestfriends), (: Honestly, I'm not the special, just a lucky girl, loving my life, and thats all I ever want. (: -