Athletic Greens

The result of more than a decade of research, the Premium Superfood Cocktail® produced by Athletic Greens incorporates 12 servings of fruits and vegetables designed to meet all the nutritional needs of active individuals. The company puts only whole-food-sourced high-quality ingredients, 75 total, in the cocktail, which contains enzymes and probiotics for maximum absorption and digestion. Athletic Greens divides ingredients into four groups: minerals; pre- and probiotics and naturally occurring digestive enzymes; nutrient-dense, natural extracts, herbs and antioxidants; and alkaline, RAW, extremely nutrient-dense greens. Each ingredient is carefully selected to add value to the mixture.

Sourced from New Zealand, Athletic Greens maintains operations in a TGA-registered facility that exceeds guidelines imposed by the FDA and cGMP and emphasizes green practices. Many people use and benefit from the Premium Superfood Cocktail®, including best-selling author Tim Ferriss, who calls the product his “favorite greens supplement,” and the author of Beyond Diet, Isabel De Los Rios.

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