Athney Fraser Spaull

Hi there my name is Athney Fraser Spaull, I am married and have 3 children and 4 grandchildren all very precious people. I am currently Caring for my husband who has dementia and needs me to give him some quality of what life is left to him. My children are a great support to me and I also have wonderful supportive grandchildren. *I am very active and enjoy playing bowls, and doing varied craft work. For 10 years I taught teenager on how to become entrepreneurs and how to start their own business, these programmes were sponsored by commerce and Industry, the programmes were for 11 weeks. We recruited 40 students to the programmes and divided them into 2 mini-companies where they were taught how business is conducted for the 1st 5weeks and each mini-company had to choose a product they would like to produce and market and the 5th week they elected their management teams were given the necessary bookwork and taught how to keepa bui