AtHomeNet, Inc., a company founded by entrepreneurial couple Jeff and Susan Sanders in 1998, has grown over the years into one of the nation's premier website solution providers for groups such as homeowners associations. One of the aspects of AtHomeNet that the Sanderses envisioned from the beginning was its high level of customer service and its tailored solutions.

AtHomeNet offers highly customizable, professionally designed websites with user-friendly interfaces. The websites do not require expensive software or HTML or web design skills, making them affordable and easy to administrate. Training and support for AtHomeNet websites is offered at no additional charge, so that clients are able to get the most out of their website experience.

When Jeff and Susan Sanders created AtHomeNet, the Internet was in its early days. The couple saw the possibility for a service that would provide associations with benefits that had previously been seen as luxuries. Since the inception of AtHomeNet, the company’s service has become a necessity for community organizations. As the result of the company’s efforts, AtHomeNet has accumulated clients in 6 nations around the world, as well as in all 50 states.

Although subscription-based business models usually yield slow-but-steady results, the founders of AtHomeNet were able to survive the dot-com boom and bust using this type of service. AtHomeNet is a dedicated, committed company that offers some of the highest quality products and customer service in its field. When many dot-coms were failing, AtHomeNet was raising revenue through investments, bringing in enough funding to launch a marketing and brand-building campaign that brought the company name recognition across the country.