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A.Tianna Scozzaro

poetry enthusiast in Washington, DC

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A California native with a love of nature, song, and gratitude.

Syncopation launched in January 2016 as part of my personal New Year's Resolution to "get deeper." While I wasn't quite sure what I was looking for (and still don't), I knew I wanted more space for reflection, intentionality, and active learning in my day-to-day. Unclear where this road will take me, I invite you on the journey, too. In sharing my exploration with others, I can't promise much: A greeting in your email box once a week. We will explore poems and literature, art history, stillness and meditation, jokes, pop culture, seasonal comfort foods, and whatever else life serves up. It may be cheesy. It may be reflective. It may be chaos. If you'd like, please sign up to find out.


  • Education
    • UC Davis
    • Columbia University