Atiba Madyun

Consultant, Project Manager, and Director in Washington, DC

Hey there, I’m Atiba. I’m a consultant living in Washington, DC. I am a fan of politics, writing, and people.

In 2009, I opened The Madyun Group (TMG), a government relations firm based in Washington, DC to offer twenty years of experience building coalitions and strategic partnerships for corporations, nonprofits, government bodies, labor unions, advocacy groups and the private sector to work with businesses and organizations seeking grow their business model.

With specialized knowledge and expertise in public policy, third party engagement, communication, partnerships, outreach and education, TMG has consulted with a diverse array of companies and organizations including Fortune 50 companies and community organizations.

In 2002, joining the National Black Caucus of State Legislators (NBCSL) staff opened the door to building lasting friendships with lawmakers, corporate executives and the White House. I offer these relationships to each of my clients.

As a public affairs In October 2009, he left NBCSL to become a contract lobbyist and founded consultant, I have lobbied, facilitated training programs, provided television and radio analysis to national and international audiences and worked on several political and branded campaigns.

Party Politics US an offshoot of TMG is engaging young and old in fun, interactive ways to feel involved in the 2016 election cycle. to engage young people in public policy.