Atif Rind Albaloshy

My Name Is Atif Rind Albaloshy

Atif Means Merciful in Arabic,

Atif Foundation was formed to help, Experiment & assist in creating Technologically enabled systems, that would help Individual Entrepreneurs, Organizations & Ngo’s .

We are also creating many different portal’s , that are learning schools for us and for the world on different subject’s of the world that are 2 Billion Dollar a Year + Industries, which we feel that by organizing information on them, will help these industries in the over all performance of these industries.

From this website, you will also find links to the $100 business projects which we are experimenting with to create models of businesses that can be started in developing world in minimum amount such as $100.

All these model’s we are hoping will be Open Sourced and anyone will be allowed to copy them to help the humanity over all.

These websites currently represent projects, not companies at this time, and as each of the project is completed, we will incorporate them. For now these for us are like Public Drawing boards.

You are encouraged to contribute to this project if you have any idea’s also on it via our facebook page