Atif Syed

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Innovation and practical thinking is what important,creating a brighter future for us and for the world is what i believe in.

"The concept of big ideas are secretly hidden in small ideas. What we are trying to achieve is getting bigger things done by things around us to create a dynamically implicit scenario where people realize the potential behind the hard work and effort that is put into it"

"To create a dynamic equation which satisfies the hunger for quantum mechanics which in turn can be applied for real time use requires something which sparks and triggers our imagination and the Schrödinger equation is the perfect example of this!"

"If we consider electron to act as a wave rather than a particle, the entire atom can be represented by wave functions and perhaps the Schrödinger's Equation can be applied to know the uncertainty of the electron moving in real and complex planes, it would be quite amazing if we can do this, it would also add to our discoveries in quantum computing and mechanics"

"Everyone is good at Math and Physics its just they don't realize it"

"Quantum Entanglement is kind of romantic. Two particles with entangled fate, no matter the distance between them. Yet the mystery of their fate is necessary. When you determine the value of one of them, the wave function collapses and entanglement ends"

"Successful people do what unsuccessful people don't. They wake up :) WAKE UP and make good use of your life. Gain knowledge, impart knowledge, help people, do charity, strive for the betterment of your family, for your friends and for yourself. Its never too late :)"

"The same spiritual fulfillment that people find in religion can be found in science by coming to know, if you will, the mind of God and science gives a new wave of reason by skeptically interrogating the universe and its working. The beauty of living is not the atoms that go into it but its the way the atoms are put together :)"

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    • The University of Edinburgh
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    • University of York
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