Atika Quraishi

Dubai, UAE

24 Year Old, A very Jolly personality, Born Catholic and turned to Islamic and was raised to Dubai when I was 13. Did MBA in E-commerce after completeing Bachelors in Pharmacy.

I feel am a Good Web Citizen as i contribute to Wikipedia and, very active at Yahoo Answers and Health Forums. Love to help People specially Women and Children.

My Parents want me to get married at this Young Age :-( :-( but really don't want to untill I become a Successful Business-Woman. Right Now I am helping one of my friend in his Business who own couple of company here in Dubai where he serves Yacht Rental Dubai Service.

Very Much Intrested in Skiing and Sky-Diving, also good at Embroidery. I am also a Travel Enthusiast who love to write on Travel Experiences. This Winter I'll be visiting India for the first time in my Life, very much excited about the same.

Huuuhhh... I am tired Now of writing about me. Hope you friends will like my Biography!