Amanda Timbe

My Story…….♥♥♥

My name is Amanda and while I would describe myself as easy (not that kind), fun-loving and gentle people, most of my friends have (and I quote) described me as a “fire-spitting dragon”… some friends I have! Anyways, I was born in a little town in Free State calledWelkom. I never really felt like I belong though which would explain my thrillwhen my parents moved to Carletonville in Johannesburg.

My love for writing started in highschool as a way to cope with, well; life in general. In university I pursued adiploma in Language Practice and subsequently and Honours Degree. The nerd inme couldn’t rest and I am currently studying (or at least sometimes) towards myMasters’ Degree (Yeah, typical NERD).

I’m a very spiritual person (religion is overrated. Go on, judge me!) And have a love for life. Although, Imust confess, I struggle a lot with relationships; I have lost count of themany frogs I’ve kissed…..I’m somewhat unlucky in LOVE). My best friend staysfar so life is a bit rough out here without her. When you have been friendswith someone for over 15 years, they sort of become your person. I’m a bit of alunatic with a touch of OCD…. I’m working on my triggers thank you very much! Ienjoy wine, reading and watching movies (and cartoons). I love my job becauseit fills me up and impacts so many young people. Funny because I never thought I would be a lecturer, but my mom tells me I was born to do it. Oh, side note… I’m sort of obsessed with fashion and food (amongst other things) and I can’t wait to share that with you. I believe when all else fails; Show Up, Dress Up and Work Hard!!!

This blog was first inspired by an assignment we were given in our 2nd year (Thanks Dr. Delport) and it has been 4 years in the making. I hear voices (no, seriously, they are ridiculous; one of them wants to know if penguins have knees). I’m a single young woman who is trying to figure out a lot of stuff: being a new professional (I lecture at a university), a good friend, and a contributing member to society, love and life in general. As a writer and somewhat a columnist; this blog is my offering and an outlet of my views. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I will enjoy writing it…… Come with me and share my memoirs of a life in (mostly kitten) heels…