Arielle Tipa

Arielle Tipa is a writer, blogger, bookworm and fashion-monger based in New York. She earned her A.A. in Journalism in 2012 and her B.A. in Comparative Literature and English in 2015. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, The Shakespeare Standard, Paper Droids, The Typewriter, and on fashion sites such as Deux Hommes, Fashion Daily Mag, and The Fashion Foot.

.....and now for the first-person narrative!

After going through numerously countless and countless-ly numerous name changes for my blog, I decided that what better way to describe my blog and my mission than me? My self-titled blog is my ongoing and sentimental project through fashion, culture, and lifestyle - jotting down discoveries and opinions on current obsessions and all things familiar and unfamiliar in an otherwise perplexing world. My blog also serves as a portfolio for my past and recent work with online publications.

PLEASE NOTE!: There’s something for everyone on my blog, so PLEASE don’t hesitate to read or follow mainly for certain types of posts.

My selection of posts are categorized as follows:

DARE I SAY: A section where I reflect on my latest cultural rants (movies/books/shows/tech/social media), as well as blogging about my personal discoveries and travels.

MOOD BOARD: My aesthetic and artsy creations via Polyvore.

#MUSTHAVE: Reviews on products I love and/or (really) want.

P.O.P. or “PRESSED ON POLYVORE”: Personalized outfit coordinations/themes from everyone's favorite style expression app.

RUNWAY: My collection of runway and fashion reviews from the past and present.

Aside from writing and blogging, I enjoy hot caffeinated beverages, books, hobbits, time lords, Disney anything, crying over clothes I can’t afford, and avoiding morning commutes as early as possible. I hope to pursue one and/or multiple successful writing/editing/publishing careers, substantial finances, a small apartment, a big closet, and a drawer full of Chinese take-out menus.

If you would like to suggest anything, collaborate, or inquire for business purposes, please feel free to contact me: