If you google something like zzerodrive, you will find a 3D racing game named ‘ZZeroDrive’. I am the author of the game. Let me share with you some experience.
Watching the movie ‘Social Networking’ I was fascinated with the idea of programming and there begins my journey in programming (java) at the end of July 2011. Initially, I researched through various programming languages and java was the one I chose. I started with the online pdf books written best for java which was soon followed by borrowing one after another book from NSU (North South University) library. That did not suffice my need and I started listening programming methodology lectures in java by Professor Mehran Sahami uploaded by Stanford University. Oracle and other online sites also contributed my elementary knowledge in java. I heard java 3d and started learning it only to know that it had been dead for many years and was replaced by something called JOGL (java OpenGL). Java OpenGL (JOGL) is a wrapper library that allows OpenGL to be used in the Java programming language but it also disappointed me as it had some limitations which were recovered in LWJGL (An alternative open-source OpenGL wrapper library). So, I started putting my best efforts to learn LWJGL for 3d game development in java. I was again disappointed to know that these wrapper libraries like JOGL, LWJGL etc were too low level to work in game development framework that often involved high level abstraction stressing the need to use 3d game engine like ‘Unity3d’, ‘Unreal Engine’ and 3d modeling software like 3DSMAX, MAYA, Blender etc. Two years went by as I came up to this realization. So, I finally got something which can help reach my dream and it was UNITY 3D. This time, I had to replace java with C# script as java was slow for game development and java was not supported by UNITY while C# was quiet similar to java .
My dream finally came to life when I finally published my first game ZZerodrive after 7-8 months of hard work with Unity3d. What was the astounding experience to me while developing the game was that: every bit of success to problem solving gave me immense pleasure and the confidence to go on.
As my NSU academic life ended, I had to put a stop to my 3 years of devoted passion to pursue career goal but one thing I learned is that the word impossibility does not really exist if we get motivated except some uncertainties.

  • Education
    • BBA, Marketing, North South University