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Greetings fellow Fanboys and Fangirls - I am Jedi Master GeekAtlas, or Louis to The Uninitiated! :)

I'm a SciFi Indie Author, Pro Geek, and WorldBearer. With the help of my awesome Beta Readers I'm reworking my debut novel, The Initiative (one, last, time lol).


History Will Be Made...


In China’s future, two brothers settle their differences and fulfil their family’s destiny among the stars…


Mankind is on a collision course with the apocalypse. According to Xen Lai, China’s Environment Secretary, the imminent mega storm will decimate civilisation as we know it.

Xen plans to unveil his final solution at the next climate summit. Unfortunately his father dies before the presentation and Xen spirals into a world of depression, drugs, and sexual deviance. Scandal soon follows, and to make matters worse, the global hate campaign is led by none other than World Affairs Correspondent, Chon Lai. Xen’s only brother.

Amid the controversy, Xen gives Chon an ultimatum. Dismiss him and The Initiative for good. Or fulfil their family’s destiny among the stars…

If you dig Star Trek, The Big Bang Theory, The Day After Tomorrow or recently Interstellar, then you'll dig this!