"We have art in order not to die of the truth" Friedrich Nietzsche

dreamFarming the alchemy of ideas.

Nature contains no boxes; why then, do we build them in our minds, and especially our hearts? We have the choice to act from love or fear..

Seeking a 'higher purpose' after decades of hair artistry, surfacing a passion for ecological justice, and completing an MBA, I discovered my inner ocean champion. Soon I realized the scale of broken (non profit, financial, academic, organizational ) systems; tenaciously held together by will, denial, fear and paperclips.

Moving on from driving a World Ocean Protocol, a Treaty for the Global Commons, and The 5 Oceans Prize and YES, still believing that prizes must, and ought to drive massive ocean-wide plastic recovery. ...

What makes sense is art, food soverignty and community; the practice of resilience and the search for Truth.

Creativity is the antidote to fear.