Chris Cota

ceo, Web Developer, and Consultant in Atlanta, Georgia

Strategic Marketing Consultant

Chris Cota aka @atlcomputerdude is a skilled SEO and Marketing / Social Media Mxstermnd. Chris Cota is a self taught web developer who deviated from the cookie cutter site designs found on the web. The result, Chris developed his own brand of website design. Pushing technology to its limits, Chris excels in designing sites that are both aesthetically pleasing and easily navigated.

Today, Chris assists companies, of various niches, achieve success through growth online.. A lot of people never achieve anything because they never START, they quit when times get TOUGH and most don't take the time to educate themselves on their business. BUT if you START, NEVER GIVE UP AND EDUCATE yourself you will achieve anything in life. Everyone is a #BRAND.

A brand is what other people think about you, your service or your product. When you BELIEVE in yourself others will follow, when you BELIEVE in your BRAND others will follow.

  • Work
    • Soko International, LLC
  • Education
    • Self Taught