Andrew Morgan

Student in Athens, Georgia

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Hey, my name is Andrew Morgan. I am a freshman here currently studying to be a biological engineer. Mostly i love to play sports that include some type of extension of the arm. This includes lacrosse, hockey, and racquetball, which was what i was doing in this picture of me and some of my friends on the team. I am on the racquetball club team here at UGA and this was my first tournament that i have ever played in. My friend Russel (the one to my left) and i placed second in doubles so overall it was a pretty good tournament. Looking back on this now at the end of the year, it was the only tournament i have ever played in. I would have played in more, but i just haven't had the time as well as also being plagued by injuries. Since that tournament I've twisted my ankle twice, about a week of recovery each, and hyperextended my elbow. My elbow came from playing racquetball too much and since i never let it heal, has yet to heal and constantly hurts. Other than racquetball here at uga i also tried out and made the uga lacrosse team but quit to join a fraternity. I joined Phi Delta Theta and couldn't be happier about it. Next year i plan on trying out for the club hockey team here. As you can see i love playing sports and being active, which is why my arm being injured is a big set back for me. I will need to stop using my arm for a couple of weeks to let it heal and that doesn't quite sit well with me.