Atma Singh

London UK


I am a policy consultant, who is a passionate advocate and educator on modernisation and progress issues.

I combine the best of the East and West.

My policy journey started with an education and activism in politics.

Solutions and Problem Solving

I have a natural instinct and developed genius for solutions and problem solving process - from the micro to macro global and strategic issue. I fear no issue. I am passionate about solutions.

My judgment on policy issues is instinctively right, I believe - although I test it through external verification by objective data, events and metrics of reality.

Modern Global Political Economy

The strategic direction of the global political economy is my focus at the moment.

I am developing a paradigm of 'progressive capitalism' as an explantatory tool to explain the modern global political economy. This will also become a robust strategic framework for policy solutions.

I use the persepective of modernisation to work on this issue.


I have experience of policy leadership on 'Asian Affairs' in world class city positioning in London UK in the Mayor's Office City Hall. I also predicted the Asian revolution in the world economy and the rise of the new Asian middle class in the West.

I am the author of 'An Asian Century Manifesto: Global Political Economy of the 21st Century' (2008).

I am a corporate trainer - with a focus on modernisation and management training.


I am a passionate public speaker.

I love culture and I enjoy a full range of leisure activities - from visual culture to sports.

  • Work
    • Consultant & Trainer
  • Education
    • Queens' College Cambridge University
    • University of Newcastle Upon Tyne UK
    • Huddersfield Polytechnic School of Education