Atomica Arts

Arts Organization in Sarasota, Florida

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Atomica Arts is a Creative Arts Organization whose mission is to empower our members to untap their full potential through Creative, Collaborative and Cross-Cultural projects. Much of the work that you've seen Maria and Will work on over the years will continue under this new venture plus some new projects that we are excited to announce in the near future. These will include but not be limited to work in Art, Improvisation, Theater, Music and Language.

Why the name, Atomica?
Since he was a kid, Will was always been drawn to the sciences. When teaching and directing, he often uses Physics as a frame of reference for making specific points in regards to stage production, community building or human dynamics. He specifically draws a lot of inspiration from the theories and observations of some of the smallest building blocks of our universe...the Atom. He is drawn to their ability to combine with other atoms to form larger forms and also how they can also be broken up even further to unleash some of the most powerful energies known to man. It is the pure potential if the Atom that drew Will and Maria to the name Atomica. The reason why they chose Atomica instead of Atomic is because they wanted to reflect the multilingual nature of the organization. A major aspect of collaboration within Atomica will be exploring cross-cultural work on a local, national and global scale.

Who is Atomica?
Maria Schaedler-Luera (Co-Founder & Managing Director) - Maria is a Brazilian-born performing artist, educator, and administrator with extensive work experience and knowledge in theater, music, arts and literacy, cross-cultural engagement, ESOL, interpreting, and immigrant communities. She holds a Masters in Intercultural Relations with a concentration in Arts for Social Change from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA.

Will Luera (Co-Founder & Producing Artistic Director) - Will Luera is the Director of Improvisation at Florida Studio Theatre, Director of Big Bang Improv and serves as the Artistic Director Emeritus of ImprovBoston, Artistic Director of the Pilsen Improv Festival, Artistic Associate of the Chicago Improv Festival, Artistic Advisor to the Women in Comedy Festival and Part-time Faculty at Boston College. Will is co-creator of Healing Moments for Alzheimer’s, a non-profit organization that provides education, advocacy, and ministry for persons with dementia and their caregivers. Since 2004, Will has also served Healing Moments as