Atomic Grow

An innovative product for crop enhancement, Atomic Grow provides a cost- effective means of achieving healthier plants. Atomic Grow was developed after seven years of extensive research. Accepted by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Atomic Grow features a vegetable based formula. The product was specifically developed to benefit agriculture, golf greens, nursery material and more. Notably, the Atomic Grow formula contains very small particles that effectively interact with the cell walls of plants. When sprayed with Atomic Grow, plants absorb sunlight, water, and nutrients more easily. Seeds treated with Atomic Grow germinate at an accelerated pace quickly developing healthy root systems. Proven results include increases in the amount of vitamins and proteins found in all treated crops. Additionally, farmers find that crops are ready for harvest earlier than usual. Atomic Grow also transports well when used in conjunction with herbicides and fertilizers and free carbohydrates reduce crop drag due to heavy herbicide applications.

Based in Melbourne, Florida, High Yield Industries, LLC focuses on developing all-natural products to benefit the agricultural industry in the United States. Confident in the effectiveness of the Atomic Grow formula, the founder of High Yield Industries has successfully applied the product to farming, gardening, and landscaping projects for over 10 years. In addition to Atomic Grow, High Yield Industries also notably created innovative foliar sprays for golf course turf. High Yield Industries currently maintains relations with prominent fertilizer companies. The business’ founder also actively engages in numerous professional organizations and sponsorships, including the Georgia Young Farmers Association, the Florida Turfgrass Association, Perennial Peanut Field Day, University of Florida, USDA, GWAMA youth athletic league.