Adam Hartman

I graduated High School in 1998, making me 31 as of right now. I enlisted into the Marine Corp, and went to boot camp right out of High School. July 19, 1998 to November 7, 2007 I was a Presidential Guard in the USMC. After receiving an Honorable Discharge in November, I traveled back home. I met my wife in 2006, and we were married in 2009. We know live in Oklahoma, and we are as happy as any couple could be. Although, I think kids might make things a little more exciting around here, but we are working on that. I am currently getting my degree in Computer Science, and I will graduate in July 2012. Now I can only trust that God leads my life, and I end up where he so choses. I know he has great things planned for me. God Bless you all, and happy gaming!