Adam Treboutat

San Francisco, CA

I spent three years during college building my stock market knowledge. There is so much information to parse through and I "paper traded" many different strategies during this time until I developed with my own dynamic edition. Immediately after college I started working at State Street and wrote a Stock Market Trading Plan during my free time that took over three months to create. I now refer to this plan on a daily basis as I execute both systematic and discretionary trades to profitability. In my plan I write "The purpose of this Trading Plan is to formalize goals and ideas into concrete words and meanings. It will be used to stay on track throughout the year and will be updated when necessary in accordance with the Strategy Development Cycle."

My other interests, which I am very knowledgable about, include: Sports, Technology, Music, Exercise

Feel free to Ask Me Anything :)

  • Education
    • University of California, Davis