Joe Atkins

I am a software craftsman and senior consultant for Object Partners. Computers are my life and I love developing software. I discovered my passion for programming while studying at SDSM&T, where I teethed on C/C++. Now, I work in a primarily Java shop, but I have fallen in love with Groovy. I am an Apple fanboy, although there is a soft spot in my heart for Linux. And to round out the holy wars, I am a Vim user.

As far as my life away from the keyboard, I am a husband. I am a Pentecostal, actively involved with The Church of Omaha, where I am a member of the praise team. I'm a coffee snob. I love to bake. I enjoy photography and wish I did more of it. I love both listening to and making music; I have played clarinet since childhood, picking up bass clarinet in high school, and I pretend like I am learning how to play piano, guitar, and bass. I love to play board games and card game. I enjoy reading and watching Science Fiction and Fantasy. I love science, as I am inquisitive by my very nature. I also enjoy the arts, especially theater and musical. I have a passing interest in typography.