Abi Truelove I AJT-Editing

Guildford, Surrey

Following a degree in English Studies, I worked for eight months as a PA for a property development company before spending 12 years with the AQA Examination Board. My roles at the Board -- firstly as a Subject Manager responsible for A Level English Language and Literature and then as a Qualifications Developer responsible for A Level English Language -- equipped me with extensive experience in proofreading and editing educational materials and in product, project and process management and development, as well as feeding my passion for English literature and language. I cannot remember a time when I didn't automatically proofread everything; I was the one frequently asked by family and friends to be a 'second pair of eyes' for checking documents. In the year before going freelance, I was asked by a self-publisher friend to proofread her novel, which I loved doing, and which led her to recommend my services to three other self-publishers. It was proofreading two of these manuscripts and copy-editing the third that made me realise how much I also loved working with fiction. I set up AJT-Editing after deciding to take the plunge and fulfill a long-held ambition to utilise my training, experience and passion in a new direction. Since then, I have proofread and copy-edited fiction, non-fiction, reports, articles and textbooks.

I am and always have been an avid reader, with a particular love of fantasy and historical fiction. I also enjoy writing, and am a guest blogger, whenever time allows, for various writer friends' websites, as well as being an occasional poet.

Other hobbies include yoga, hiking, the cinema, the theatre (especially musicals), enjoying a mocha in Costa, and looking after my very gorgeous and completely spoilt guinea-pig and puppy.

I'm an Associate of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders, a member of the Society of Young Publishers and a member of the National Association of Writers' Groups. I'm also a member of the Jane Austen Society (my all-time favourite novel is Pride and Prejudice).

You can find me at and contact me through http://findaproofreader.com/listings/ajt-editing/, and LinkedIn via the link bottom left.

  • Work
    • Proofreader
  • Education
    • Professional Copy-editing, SfEP
    • Proofreading Problems, SfEP
    • Basic Proofreading, the Publishing Training Centre
    • BA (Hons) English Studies, Lancaster University