Alyssa Truxon

Student in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Welcome to my page, and My name is Alyssa Truxon!


I have been a student of the Philadelphia School District all my life and am currently a senior at The Academy at Palumbo. My passions range from poetry to the sciences. I found my love for science in the 7th grade and since then I've challenged myself within the science and math fields. I've taken every AP Science and Math course offered at my school and have excelled in them all.

My Plans:

In college, I plan on majoring in nursing, specializing in pediatrics. When I graduate, I hope to find work at a children's hospital where I can attain more knowledge and prepare myself for the next step in my life, graduate school. When am ready, I will get my certification to become a nurse practitioner, specializing in pediatric neurology.

Why I Do What I Do:

When you ask people why they want to become nurses, a lot of the time the answer will be a simple, "I love to help people." For me, it's different. It's not just about the lives I may change, but also how their lives will change me. My core philosophy is that everyone enters my life for a reason. Nursing will allow me to be inspired by the many new faces and stories. Everyone who will walk into my life during my journey will impact some aspect of my life and that is breath-taking