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For those, who are looking for sports betting stats as a hobby or for profession, you are at the right place. AtsStats is a leading sports stats provider, you'll get detailed sports betting database along with CFL Stats, MLB Stats, NHL Stats, NFL Stats, football betting stats and much more. is a unique website providing online sports handicapping stats to the worldwide sports bettors. Make your bet, after reading our sports betting predictions and tips. Few of our top features are:

The Raymond Report: Here you'll get the report of the current team trends and league systems. Every member can take a look at the chances of a team to win or covering the spread in their next game.

Parity Value Index: It is all about cycle wagering. Our handicapping experts combines the cycles of previous games of a team and produces a percentage of what the side and total should be in the next game.

Strength of schedule: This is one of the most importance Sports Handicapping tool, which takes into account every team opponent's winning percentage and predicts their chances of winning the next game.

Sports betting database: This gives you intriguing facts involving specific team or when any team is in a certain handicapping situation which ofcourse is an advantage for the sports bettors.

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