Loser in Canada


Loser in Canada

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Ayyyy lmao it's me that person you'll speak to once in your life then forget about!!

I'm a male and taken to a degree so don't get any ideas

I like to think I'm decently funny, but I end up spamming unfunny memes until people tell me to kms ;)

I'm only 2 years old and I have 37 children already please help me I'm in hell

I don't have a sexuality because nobody can label me >:((

Maybe have crippling depression,, I'm still deciding

Interests: most Nintendo shit

Most video game shit

Most book shit

Most Anime shit

Most sport shit

Most music shit

Most cringy shit

Doing your mom

Pranks and jokes *subtly points up*

I'm still trying to make an oc I mean comE ON WHY DoES EVERYBODY HAVE 16 AND I CAN'T MAKE ONE

I have an unhealthy obsession over absol whoops

I'm not lying about my ocupation

Honestly just follow my instagran and I'll be happy.

Oh yeah I like ace attorney a lot

I get jealous easily haha

Fact: this bio isn't going anywhere

Life is a joke and consiousness is the punch line

Most people should die probably idk