Ebony Rose

¬¬ Wut are you doing on mai page?! Agh! Stalker!

¬¬ Get off meow please.

¬¬ I mew kill you.

¬¬ My purrsudo is to get mew off my page.

¬¬ Meow, get off.

Only joking. My name is Ebony Rose and I work for the Survey Corps as a cadet. Levi is an ass, Eren is a douche and Jean is a horse. The only decent person around is Mikasa, who is like a sister to me. She doesn't judge me like the rest and she actually listens if you have a problem. Me on the other hand would break all your fingers and wrists and tear all the tendons and ligaments in your ankles if you touched me. ¬¬ Seriously, I would.