Preston Attebery

Preston Attebery is an artist for the Atlanta area. Currently he is a high school artist and graphic designer specializing in hand-drawn drawings and edits. What does he draw? You name and he'll draw it! Motorcycles, landscapes, monuments, buildings, and symbolic things! What does he "graphic design?" if you have any drab photos sitting around, he'll dress them up with fabulous photo edits giving your photos a whole new edge and look! More about Preston: Hi, i'm Preston Attebery. As mentioned above I am a high-school artist and I started Attebery Design in 2008. I got my start by stumbling upon a website editor referred to me by a friend ( and starting my own site. From there I continued increasing my drawing abilities and picked up three medals in art with a total of five in my middle school-high school career. In the future, I hope to grow Attebery Design and continue it through college.