Maureen Nolan

Attention is a natural aphrodisiac.

I have excellent attention, do you? However, it is a challenge for me to pay attention to the details of life and anything I don't like. Again, how about your attention? What do you pay attention to?

I am crazy about my clients who come with tarnished attention and need a reboot and an attention shine. They've lost the feeling of attention and don't know what happened, when it happened or how to find it again. They want organization, relationships and fun in their lives. We rediscover all that and more, together.

A little about me: I was born distracted and raised by a distracted mom. I raised two distracted children and was married to a distracted man. I was a distracted woman.

I have found my attention by paying attention to my heart, my strengths, my creativity, my intuition and to you, my client.

Let's talk about what needs your attention.

where you want to spend your attention?

what will happen when your attention is well spent?

Let's talk about your goals in a distracted world of distractions.

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I pay attention to what you're paying attention to.

Coaching changed my life -- it can change yours, too.