At The Beach Tanning

With headquarters in Colorado and Oklahoma, the regional tanning chain At The Beach Tanning operates sixty-four tanning superstores in four states. Now a familiar presence in Oklahoma, Kansas, California, and Colorado, At The Beach Tanning first opened its doors in the south end of Oklahoma City in 1987, with only four tanning beds. By 1995, At The Beach Tanning had experienced significant growth, and with twenty-two tanning units, was considered a superstore. When a second location in northwest Oklahoma experienced similar success, the company's entrepreneurial management team realized the growth potential and developed a business expansion plan based on the superstore concept. By 2001, the company was operating five superstore locations. In early 2012, the company expanded into California with four Orange County superstores, and in May, opened its sixty-fourth store in Littleton, Colorado.

At The Beach Tanning chooses every superstore location with care. Many can be found in Class A shopping centers or strip malls to attract consumers who might not otherwise consider tanning services. Every location is designed with a similar interior look, featuring bright, vibrant colors and echoing the "quirky yet hip" corporate image promoted in the company's advertising and website. All At The Beach Tanning superstores are kept scrupulously clean and offer easy accessibility and extended hours of operation, seven days a week.

There is rarely a wait at any location, and customers are offered six different state-of-the-art tanning methods, including UV-free spray options. Keeping up with the latest technology in tanning allows At The Beach Tanning to reach new market segments, including those who may not be indoor tanners.

At The Beach Tanning runs frequent deal packages and promotions and offers numerous services and amenities, such as special tanning lotions. One of the most recognized names in the tanning industry, and accredited by the Better Business Bureau, At The Beach Tanning prides itself on delivering a great customer experience.