Katherine Kinkead

Photographer in Ohio

Katherine Kinkead

Photographer in Ohio

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I have always loved art in any form but recently my passion lies within photography.

I remember dabbling in the darkroom in middle school with my art class for a semester but at the time it never went any further; to expensive of a hobby at the time. So I switched to cheaper arts and media, mainly sketching....

But within the last few years I discovered something that gave me that photography spark once again; conventions! It was then that I really started getting back into photography after meeting some talented photographers and with their encouragement and welcomed suggestions I started shooting again.

Let me tell you those first few cons I was very rusty, had no idea what I was doing and my shots were mediocre at best, but I kept at it, continued to go to the conventions that I loved and improved.....

Let me tell you, I go to a lot of conventions! So I have had lots of practice in the last couple of years.

As an artist of many forms I have always been an observer of my surroundings and a people watcher. My surrounding environment and those around me are a delightful fascination.

I consider myself to be in the "infancy" of my photography, I have learned a lot, but there is so, so much more to learn. I feel as a photographer that the learning is never really completed. It is like any other artistic media, ever evolving and growing & I feel as if someone has handed me the vision to a brand new world.

And knowing this I never want to stop learning.

I would like for my images to invoke the feeling as if they were there standing beside me as I took the picture... sharing the feelings I felt that made me want to take that particular shot. I believe each shot can invoke such power of feelings and emotions and I just want to share that with everyone.

Since I started a few years ago I have added a few other areas to my "convention" photography, I have recently added doing Senior and family shoots (nervous about these areas so far) but I feel that as long I can keep my goal of invoking emotion in the observer I will have achieved what I set out to do with my photography.

Why I chose “at the whim of the winds“? I love that the idea all images that are ever taken are just as moveable and fluid as the winds. Each shot, even taken in order can be as different then the last and I like that a lot!=