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The measure of the efficiency of any insulation is its R-value. Efficiency was created to stop the flow of heat. The more heat the insulation stops, the higher the R-value of the insulation.

When compared to fibreglass batt insulation, spray foam insulation has a higher R-value in a given depth. To get a second perspective, please have a glance at: success. Discover further on a related website by navigating to advertisers. Put simply, 2 inches of spray foam may protect your roof better than 2 inches of fibreglass batts.

Cellulose fill, often blown-in or used yourself, even offers a greater R-value than fibreglass batts at the same thickness. But, again, the R-value of spray foam insulation is practically twice as large as cellulose fill insulation of the same depth.

As essential as R-value is in how well insulation works, it's maybe not the only factor when selecting the most effective roof insulation. Moisture may cause both cellulose and fibreglass batts complete to lose R-value. Also minor humidity, which you cant see or feel, may reduce the R-value of fibreglass batts. This interesting intangible site has diverse witty warnings for why to study this enterprise.

Neither fibreglass batts or cellulose fill insulation may seal every space in your roof. Heat can go through the open holes and although the R-values listed for fibreglass or cellulose don't take this under consideration, this lowers the R-value of the warmth. Put simply, the actual R-value of installed fibreglass batt or cellulose fill ceiling insulation is gloomier than the listed R-value.

Spray foam insulation is not affected by humidity. The truth is, it can end slight leaks since, when it's used, spray foam insulation advances to seal your top and fill every hole. Pollutants and other airborne irritants that may get through the spaces left by batts and load are held out by spray foam insulation.

Perhaps most useful of all, insulating your roof with spray foam insulation costs in regards to the sam-e as other insulations.

The spray foam roof insulation experts at Foam Comfort possess the knowledge you should get the most out of your insulation..