wannabe magician in San Antonio, Texas

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hi i'm atticus, a 16 yr old hispanic gay trans guy with a plethora of passions, the stationary ones being history, classic lit, games, edm and food

•historical interests: american rev, french rev, golden age of piracy, age of sail, ww1 (general eras: late 1700s & early 1900s)

•literature: the cask of amontillado, william wilson, under a war-torn sky, the knife of never letting go, a series of unfortunate events, a crack in the sky, a separate peace, 20,000 leagues under the sea, lord of the flies, the serpent of venice, le petit prince, the thief lord, alice's adventures in wonderland

•feel free to tag me in/send me: any of the above topics, skulls & skeletons, wine, masquerade masks (any edgar allan poe thing), ever after & monster high, cats, oceans, desserts, roses and cities

i'm on snapchat @captainhamilton, on letterboxd @amontillado and my other social media is down there

thanks for reading 🤡