Attila Bogdán a.k.a. Moreno

Budapest, Hungary

Rhytmic Cadence Production DJ/Producer/Radio HUN (
The young dj and producer, Attila Bogdán was born in 1984 as a child of Hungarian-Arabian parents.
Music aroused his interest quite early, at age 10 he was presented with his first instrument, a synthetizer, about which he was enthusiastic enough to practise all day long, although for a period of time his studies stole the spotlight form music.
Four years had passed before he bought a more sophisticated musical equipment, „Stage Line" record players and a mixing console. Then he began to collect records...
He became resident dj of school parties, still searching for the most satisfactory musical trend, so he was making experiments with a wide range of styles. In this period he became acquainted with his musician friends Feeder and SanFranciscoBeat. Later he meets with Chris Ronson, who takes Attila under his wing, so his style is characterized more and more by tech house and vocal house. Then he leaves home due to family reasons, his relationship with music comes to a stop, and a four years long hiatus follows.
At the age 19 his footing regained, a wiser and more mature young musician sets about to rebuild his musical career.
His talent unfolding, more and more opportunities present themselves on different parties, then on open-air events, where Attila proves and makes his audience feel his zeal and passion for music every time! His regular performances get under way.
In 2008, on a vacation to Greece he accepts an unexpected invitation and achieves a great success on Golden Beach, on the island of Thassos. Later this year, while visiting the island of Tenerife with his friends, he again gets a wonderful opportunity as a surprise from his friends, and makes a performance in El Fáraó Club. Having overwhelming success with the audience, after only two weeks he is again invited to the island, this time to Mana Club, where Attila spends a night of splendid success once again.

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