Attila Balazs

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

definition is only a matter of taking the time to write it down. When we are deepening our thoughts, honing our path, configuring the neurons to do what we ask of them, why do we do it? The meditative state of flowing through time. Its funny, no one wants to die, but living time out dreadfully slow seems like a bleak alternative. It's mostly water, the fuel of the sun slowed my noble ox'gen. Then there is death, we certainly journey all through life to arrive there, perhaps there is something to procrastinating. If we hold out on death long enough, perhaps we can grow towards it, prepare ourselves for another life after death, contrive our being before it has re-manifested into a field of pure energy. But don't forget about your friends, who are right here on earth. It's nice to party, and laugh and dance with these people you love. I mean really, what is the hurry and honing all about here? Maybe there is something to this procrastination thing. Yes, Bio. It is doing all we can do not to be rocks again. Not to catapult into other dimensions and... oh, you mean, what do I do with the bio? Poorly constructed question. I Live.

  • Work
    • Bright Nights Music Festival
  • Education
    • Norman High School
    • Oklahoma City Community College