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attila tollas

My mom used to say I was the only one who could not realise when going against the grain. Facing the crowd, going in the wrong direction - she said. And honestly, I have never understood what she was talking about!

Recently my friends have been forcing me to notice: this is a special talent. I see the world differently than most of the people. If they talk about a problem or an opportunity in 3 words I answer with creative ideas. And they do not understand how it is possible. They say this is insane.

But I simply visualise strategies. I play tactics. And I do not understand why others do not see them.

I am a business negotiator with strong marketer backround. When I negotiate it is the same when I play. Usually, I can see the end of a process at the very beginning. And I offer several alternatives. This is one of my strenghts.

This is a part of me.

  • Work
    • Negotiation Consultant
  • Education
    • MSc Marketing